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We are a professional Beauty clinic located in Kleinburg
serving Greater Toronto Area

After a thorough consultation, our team of Doctors and Medical Aesthetician customizes each treatment plan to the patient’s specific needs. It is our passion to effectively, safely, and dependably highlight each visitor’s individual, inner beauty.

Larivée Medical Cosmetic Clinic

Our Team

Who We Are Larivée Medical Cosmetic Clinic

Amy Thompson

Medical Director
Sabryna L

Sabryna L

Clinic Director

Sabryna L has always been passionate about the elements of art and beauty, it’s been a goal of hers to beautify the world.

As a cosmetologist for 11 years, she’s been craving to elevate her skills with medical technology. Her family, pursuing the medical field. It is in their DNA to have a sense of compassion to help others and make them feel better. Her mission is simple, to ignite your inner confidence by utilizing advanced, medical-grade treatments with a holistic, mind-body approach in order to achieve your skincare and wellness goals.

Let our team make a beautiful difference for you.

Cassie Beattie

Cassie Beattie

Cosmetic Nurse

Meet Nurse Cassie, a dedicated Registered Practical Nurse at Larivée Medical Cosmetic Clinic proudly holding a passion for aesthetics and kick started her career 10 years ago, specialize in Botox & Dermal Fillers. 

Helping clients reach their aesthetic goals over the years is what makes her love what she does and strive to be the best while keeping safety her number one priority still committing two days a week to hospital nursing endoscopy specifically and the remaining days our focus on aesthetics and family. 

Nasserin Bayat

Nasserin Bayat

Cosmetic Nurse

Meet Nurse Nassrin, an experienced professional Cosmetic teacher at Larivee Medical Cosmetic Clinic. With a rich background encompassing 3 years in ICU & CCU, 8 years as a nursing school faculty member, and over 6 years specializing in injectables, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. Nurse Nassrin’s expertise shines in PDO Thread Face Lift, Undereye Rejuvenation, and Cheek Lift & Enhancement. 

Say hello to the seasoned practitioner who combines skill and magic for top-notch treatments!



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